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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Levitating Around Singapore

Jayden Tan and Jeff Cheong have been ‘levitating’ around Singapore and they are even teaching students about the secrets of levitation photography. Their project has been gaining attention in Singapore and many people have already noted the creativity of their photos.

We take this levitating photography seriously. Its all done without any cables, its all sweat and passion. No photoshop no touch ups. We only colour correct the photo to create a certain mood okies :-)

levitation marina Jayden and Jeff have given us the permission to share their wonderful photos to the readers of Global Voices. Below is an email interview which we conducted with them.

What inspired you to start this project? When did you begin this project?

Natsumi Hayashi made levitation photography famous with her gravity-defying shots. And since then many people from Asia to the world joined in the craze and started sharing cool photos of themselves ‘floating’ whilst going about in their daily (mundane) activities. We started the Facebook page sometime in July last year.

What are the reactions you received from the local community?

There were several groups in Singapore shooting levitation photos. We are all connected by the same passion and it was great that the local papers did a coverage of this special interest group on front page!

levitation changi What are your favorite photos from the project?

We like the latest album for last year's Christmas. We collaborated with dancers, food bloggers and some of our friends. It was an epic shoot with such a large group. The theme was Christmas in tropics and we think its got the magic to spread the Christmas cheer.

The other one we like is the album shot at Singapore Changi Airport. We were lucky to get permission to shoot at the transit area. The airport has a beautiful setting and very interesting backdrop like the butterfly garden, kinetic rain sculpture and a roof top swimming pool.

levitation trees Plans for this year with regard to the Levitation project

We will continue the fun and creative new stories and challenge ourselves to outdo the previous album.

Of late we found the opportunity to share our work with young students. And it fun side of things do have some light-hearted life skills to impart.

Levitation photography requires alot of hardwork to capture the perfect shot.

Lessons of perseverance, tenacity and perfection comes through and we share these in ad hoc engagement. The session ends with hands-on lesson where they get a sense of the work.

But when they see the result, the pride and awe kicks in and it gives these kids a sense of achievement to see themselves doing the impossible.

levitation street

levitation 2013

levitation skyfall

levitation sota

levitation butterfly

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